From September 2021 through July 2022, what was the most popular content on IESE Insight?
The future of capitalism
Why are so many people questioning the future of capitalism? And how can the next generation of business leaders fix it to have a more positive impact for all? This September 2021 report looks at what’s next and features interviews with Paul Polman, Nitin Nohria, Rebecca Henderson and more.
Understand, align, innovate and commit to building a more sustainable world. This January 2022 report serves up reasons for optimism in the year ahead, as business leaders are stepping up to create and maintain better companies for the long haul.
Better together: the power of human connectedness
From ICT networks to inclusive people management, a world divided calls out for more human connectedness. In this report, launched May 2022, we explore how business leaders can better forge the human connections on which our wellbeing depends.
Corporate venturing enablers: How they help open innovation
In corporate venturing, "enabler" institutions, such as universities and VC firms, are increasingly key: They help established companies join forces with startups and benefit in return. This report on open innovation aims to elucidate the enablers' roles.
Lessons from 9/11: Operations in times of crisis
Marking 20 years since the September 11 terrorist attacks, it's worth reviewing lessons gleaned from leaders' responses. Distinguishing whether the current context is clear, complicated, complex or chaotic can help manage operations in all situations.