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AI in Business
Artificial intelligence technologies are having an incremental impact in the business world as well as on our everyday lives. According to the 2019 Gartner CIO Survey, 14% of organizations employ AI and nearly 50% intend to do so by 2020.  These technologies are critical to bringing about innovation, providing new business opportunities and reshaping the way companies operate. 

But the rise of the AI-Powered organization is not just about technology; it’s about transforming culture. AI is reshaping the very nature of our economy and our societies, spurring sweeping changes in the labor market, data management, cross-entity collaboration, while also generating new ethical challenges for businesses. It poses risks and threats in myriad areas, including security, privacy and job stability. But it also has the potential to help businesses and governments unleash the tremendous opportunity offered by combining human and machine intelligence.

In this edition of the Library Newsletter we offer a selection of resources available on AI for the IESE Community that could be useful for better understanding the role of AI in business.


Exceling at Fundraising for Research
The Research Projects Unit is part of the Research Division of IESE and its purpose is to develop competence and best practices in public calls, support fundraising for research projects at IESE and foster successful research project management.
Filtering by News Sentiment
Looking for news related to a person, corporation or industry with a negative or positive slant? Factiva can help you with its “Factiva Expert Searches” tool.

All About Birds
Are you a bird watcher? “All about Birds” is the must-visit online guide to discover the world of birds. Created by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, it offers a trusted site...

Capital IQ
The IESE Library has just subscribed to S&P Capital IQ platform which combines deep and broad global financial intelligence (companies, markets and people) with an array of tools for analysis, ideation, and efficiency.
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