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Ageing Society
Global population  ageing is one of the most important issues facing human societies in the early twenty-first century. In more developed regions, the proportion of older people has already surpassed that of children, and according to the UN, by 2050 one in six people in the world will be over age 65. This unprecedent transformation of age structures in the population will fundamentally alter all aspects of life as we know it, with implications for nearly all sectors of society and the economy, including labour and financial markets, the demand for goods and services, such as housing, transportation and social protection, as well as family structures and intergenerational ties. Finding solutions to the new demographic challenges, while by no means easy, is well within our capabilities.

The IESE Library has compiled some information sources to help you understand our ageing society and what sort of repercussions it could have in the coming years.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Sports, Entertainment & Media Club London Trek
Luiz Dias Ferreira - MBA (class of 20’) – is the current Sports, Entertainment and Media Club President. In early November he took a group of 15 MBAs on a trek to visit several companies in London.
Searching for Buyers/Investors?
Capital IQ is a good source to find financial and/or strategic buyers or investors.
From the list of screening criteria in the third column, under the header “Targeting Engine”, select “Find Buyers or Investors”.
How is Christmas celebrated around the world? What is the history of Christmas? How many traditions and customs were started and how are they celebrated today? And lastly, how do you cook the perfect Christmas meal?
EMIS Africa
EMIS, the essential database for people working in or with so-called emerging markets or economies, has just enhanced its contents and search tool. Particularly noteworthy is its massive expansion of Africa-related content.
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