Sustainable Business books
Sustainable Business
The COVID-19 crisis has thrust sustainability to the fore of the global policy agenda. Never before have the social, environmental, economic and cultural underpinnings of sustainability been more relevant to the understanding of management and organizations.

Corporate sustainability not only enjoys widespread public support but also creates long-term value and bolsters financial performance, research shows. Even before the coronavirus crisis, business leaders were taking the issue more seriously, reshaping the corporate agenda by designing models that create value for all stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, supply chains, civil society and the planet at large.

To stay relevant in the post-Covid world, businesses must accelerate this process, thriving and growing along the way while simultaneously solving some of the world’s biggest challenges, meeting the needs of present and future generations and safeguarding the natural resources and ecosystems on which our economy and society depends. 

With that in mind, here’s an overview of sources on “sustainable business” available at the IESE Library and on the open web. 


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